HO Model Railroad at the Regal Inn

A few years ago I built a small layout in my office at the Inn. It has become very popular with guests. Space opened up and after some prodding by friends and guests I am turning that space into a new layout.

I’ve sketched out a layout and prepped the room and am ready to start.

We will build bench work, a helix, lay roadbed & track, wire – both DC & DCC, terrain & landscape, build structures, train cars, paint, weather and tons more things involved with the hobby.

Come spend a day or a week and join the fun. Work on the layout, do projects in the hobby room, learn a new skill, share one of yours, leave it on the layout or take it home with you.

As the layout grows we will move into operation session with both freight & passenger service.
Follow us on our facebook pages for project dates or call, email and schedule a visit and what you would like to do.

HO Model Railroad at the Regal Inn

Ever wanted to get away and just work on a model railroad?

Ever wanted to build a model railroad and didn’t have the space?

Ever wanted to learn more about model railroads?

Maybe spend a few hours building & weathering a train car or structure?

That, plus more is available in the new hobby room & layout room here at the Inn.
I have redone a couple rooms to pursue my dream of building a bigger & better HO model railroad layout and have a place to do the detail work associated with it.

Even better is to share in the process with others who enjoy the hobby, but have been limited by a place to do these things. You can come learn at our seminars, share your knowledge, build on my layout or build to take back with you, all while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of the Inn.

Follow us on Facebook for times, dates and costs and to see our progress or contact us if you just want to get together and play. As the layout grows we will start having operation sessions featuring both freight and passenger service. We plan to eventually open the layout to the public to see and enjoy.